Kate Cox – Half Marathon

Running Mantra: Savor the moment.
Running Advice:
You see the best of humanity during a marathon. Whether you are running or watching the race, you see people doing something that seems so impossible look possible. Soak it all in. So throw your hands in the air and enjoy your rock star moment when crossing that finish line!

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Jessica Kirschner – Half Marathon

Running Mantra: “One mile at a time!” This is especially helpful on those long runs! I try not to focus on how many more miles are ahead, but stay present in the one I’m in.
Running Advice: If I can run, anyone can run! You don’t know what you are able to accomplish until you try.

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Ken Essay – Half Marathon

Running Mantra: I BELIEVE
Running Advice: Enjoy the journey!

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Shea Roehrkasse – Half Marathon

Running Mantra: Stay positive, and one more thing to cross off my bucket list!
Running Advice: I love to listen to books on tape when I run. It helps me think about what is happening in the book rather than the run.

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